December may be far from your mind at the moment, but the best time to plan for your 2018 branded promotional calendar is summer! You can take these months to fine tune your branding, messaging and creative for the most important print piece of the new year. At The Ambit Works, we absolutely love helping clients create really amazing branded calendars, because we know much they can help boost your brand over the year. Today, we’re sharing some of the top benefits from branded promotional calendars—the ones we distribute each year are customer favorites, so we know a thing or two about what works!

Year-Long Branding

How often do you print out branded collateral that you know will be viewed by your customers and prospects over the course of an entire year? This is not a one and done call to action piece (which are valuable in their own right), but something that they will look at again and again. If that isn’t the best bang for your buck, we don’t know what is.

Seasonal Messaging

Along with yearly viewing, you can also customize your messaging per season and per month. So, for seasonal products or specials and promotions you want to share over the course of the year, printing out branded promotional calendars allow you to promote each item right on schedule. For example, when they turn to the month of August, you may want to showcase a special discount code or offer valid that month only.

Budget Friendly

Before you disregard branded calendars as being too pricey, talk to us. There are a variety of options that can fit into your budget. It could be a printed monthly calendar, day planners, a magnet with a yearly view, a mouse pad, a tear-off calendar. The options on your investment are endless, so we can work together to make it fit best for your budget.

Variety of Unique Options

To that end, because there are so many options for branded promotional calendars, it is easier than ever to stand out from the crowd and create a really cool calendar for your audience. You can customize it to exactly the type of person you are targeting and what they would want in a calendar. And, you can bet that we’ll work with you to make sure your calendar is nothing like anyone else’s.

People LOVE Calendars and USE them

Despite today’s digital world, studies show that 78% of consumers still use a printed calendar at home or at work. Who isn’t always glancing around to see the next month laid out for them and check on when a particular date falls? Despite our reliance on our phones and online calendars, a favorite hard copy calendar can be found in nearly everyone’s home and office.

Not sure where to start? Read one of our recent blog posts with 10 questions to ask yourself as you start to plan next year’s calendar and find some of our favorite calendars.  And, contact our team today to talk through your options so we can help shape the best calendar to make your brand stand out to your target audience. In fact, if you contact us and order before September 1st, 2017, we’ll take 10% off your calendar order.

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